Event - Black History Month

October 2018

Reception learnt all about Rosa Parks. We learnt all about the differences between when she lived and now. We learnt that because of Rosa Parks we can now all sit together on the bus.

Year 1 learnt all about Mary Secole.

Year 2 were learning about Nelson Mandela and his influential role in black history. We explored what life was like during the apartheid compared to life now. We also continued to learn about our Africa topic.

Year 3 have been learning about different historical figures who fought for peace, justice and equality. These included, Rosa Parkes, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Bob Marley. As a class, we focused particularly on Bob Marley. We learnt 3 of his songs: Get up, Stand up, One Love and Three Little Birds. We also put together a class assembly telling the rest of the school about his life and legacy. After researching Bob Marley, we wrote biographies about his life and we created some pop art portraits of him.

Year 4 focused on our significant individual, Muhammad Ali. We spent time researching and developed our skills for using the IPads to collect information about his life, career and legacy. Once we had collected all of our research, we created a biography and included lots of our interesting research. From our research we also discovered that Muhammad Ali was an incredible poet. We decided to take attributes of strength and turn them into our own poems. Take a look at the artwork we created of Muhammad Ali, with inspiration to pointillism.

Year 5 through literacy, we studied Harriet Tubman as part of our literacy lessons. We read a book about who she was and created a timeline of the events that happened in her life. We thought about what she would be thinking and feeling and used this to create a diary entry pretending to be Harriet Tubman as she escaped to freedom. We thought about the words and phrases she used to described freedom and compared her to Moses freeing the Israelites to freedom.

Year 6 focused on Barack Obama. We created timelines of his life and then used these to write our own biographies about the great president. We also used pointillism to create portraits. These are on display at school. Come and have a look!

Reception acting out Rosa Parks.
Year 2 made African masks.

Year 3 rehearsing for the class assembly.
Mohammed Ali from Year 4.

Year 5 Enjoying a book about Harriet Tubman.
Barack Obama from Year 6.

Year 6 painting.