Event - Science Week

12 to 16 March 2018

British Science Week is where the children aim to understand the importance of science and know that they can all be scientists. The theme this year was ‘Exploration and Discovery’. The children learnt that without scientists exploring and discovering new things, life as we know it would not exist.

The week was launched with a whole school assembly led by Miss Stewart. The assembly explained the importance of science and the children were then set the challenge of becoming scientists for the week.

During the course of the week, the children carried out many fun science investigations including: making rainbows, volcanoes, parachutes, coke fountains, elephant toothpaste and slime. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Reception had a letter from Farmer Kerry that she needed our help. We turned into 'Little Einstein’s' for the day and investigated colour. We made new coloured water for the ducks to swim in, investigated changing the colour of flowers for the fussy bees and investigated why Farmer Kerry’s skittles went white when mixed with water. We had a great day investigating colour, colour everywhere!

Year 1 completed the mentos and coke investigation. We investigated how many mentos we would need to add to create a super, exploding fountain. We also have been weather watchers to investigate our topic of seasonal changes. We made rain gauges and will continue to monitor the level of rain we have this half term.

Year 2 made parachutes out of different materials. They chose what shape and size would make the best parachute. We then tested them to see which would fall the slowest. We also completed an ongoing investigation throughout the week of observing plants in different conditions. We will continue to do this over the rest of the half term.

Year 3 investigated how a chemical reaction could make it look like our volcano had erupted. We used different ingredients to create the chemical reaction which included, vinegar, baking soda and washing up liquid. We then watched as our volcano erupted. Throughout the week, we made bug hotels and left them outside on the school field. We looked every day to see if we had any hotel guests.

Year 4 made slime! We considered how the slime would differ by adding different amounts of the ingredients. We thoroughly enjoyed this! Throughout the week, we also observed how flowers changed colour by adding food colouring to their water.

Year 5 made elephants toothpaste. We had to mix different ingredients to create an endothermic reaction. We talked about what we could do to make more or less toothpaste. Also, we researched and created a biography of Isaac Newton. In the afternoon, we set up an investigation testing the question: In what conditions does mould grow the quickest? Finally, we blew up balloons and launched them across pieces of string. We had a great day!

Year 6 investigated welly wanging! We considered what different factors affected how well we throw a welly and then investigated them. It was a little rainy, but we enjoyed leading our own investigations. We then wrote up our experiments and used our maths skills to find averages and to draw bar charts to display our results.

Investigations during our whole school assembly.
Investigating colour in Reception.

Seeing how colour and water interract.
Investigating colour filters.

Making new colours with paint.
Painting with our new colours.

Year 1 making water guages.
Year 1 show off their water guages.

The fabulous coke and mentos experiment in Year 1.
Testing parachutes in Year 2.

Volcano erupting in Year 3.
Preparing for another volcanic eruption.

Year 3's second volcanic experiment.
Making slime in Year 4.

Year 4 observing how colours of petals change during the week.
Makikng elephants toothpaste in Year 5.

Year 5's rocket investigations.
Investigating mould in Year 5.

Year 6 at the planning stage.
Welly wangling experiments indoors.

Year 6 working together on their measurements.
Welly wangling outside.

Taking measurements.