At St. Mark's we understand the importance of giving the children in our care the vital skills they need to grow into successful adults and independent learners for life. The programmes of study we have put in place in this area of the curriculum have been designed to guide the children towards developing high standards of literacy which will allow them to confidently access and thrive in the world around them.

Read Write Inc

Read Write Inc Model School

St. Mark's Catholic Primary School is a Read Write Inc. Model school.

Read Write Inc. is a literacy programme rooted in phonics which has given us a really effective way of teaching reading and writing from the start. We have been using Read Write Inc. approach to reading and phonics in school for four years now and have seen a huge impact both on our literacy results and on classroom management and behaviour, as well as learning in other areas of the curriculum.

We have been selected as a model school because of our commitment to the full use of the programme. We have found the ethos of the programme is unique - it combines wonderfully effective teaching strategies with resources that make teaching fun and easy to do.

At the heart of the programmed are five key words - pace, passion, purpose, positive teaching and praise - and these now really drive all our teaching. You will see the impact this has had across school when you visit. What we find so transforming is that it gives all children the confidence to succeed as it is clearly structured - there is simply no room for them to fail. The partner work really helps their speaking and listening skills too.

The programme comes with whole school training, where we all learnt the integral Read Write Inc. teaching strategies (such as partner work and direct instruction). This has insured that no child is getting left behind.

Read more about the Read Write Inc programme (external link).

RWI Books.
Working on RWI programme.

Reception blending.
Ditty group.

Language and Literacy

Children in Year 2 through to Year 6 follow the interesting and challenging Literacy and Language programme.

Developed by Ruth Miskin, Literacy and Language provides the perfect next steps for our children when they successfully complete the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme, which itself has been designed to ensure that the children in Reception and Year 1 have the very best beginning to their journeys towards becoming confident, creative and enthusiastic readers and writers.

Each Literacy and Language unit of work is comprised of a fiction and a non-fiction aspect, meaning the children have many exciting opportunities to practise and develop their reading, writing and spoken language for a range of meaningful purposes and audiences.

In accordance with the 2014 National Curriculum, the rigorous teaching of grammar, punctuation and spelling is embedded within each unit of work to ensure that the children recognise the importance of striving for accuracy when they read, write and speak whilst retaining the creative flair that is required to engage their audiences.

The skills gained during Literacy lessons are further promoted throughout the school day with our talented teachers recognising every opportunity to enhance the children's reading, writing and spoken language in all subjects across the curriculum.