Event - Holy Week Assemblies

21 to 24 March 2016

During Holy Week the Junior classes led us through Jesus' journey to the cross.

Year 3 led us on the events of Palm Sunday, demonstrating how the crowds felt when they saw Jesus. How they waved palm leaves and shouted 'Hosanna'.

Year 4 re-enacted the events of The Last Supper, showing us how Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and what happened during his last meal with them sharing bread and wine.

Year 5 showed us the Betrayal of Jesus by one of his disciples – Judas.

Year 6 finalised the weeks journey by showing us the journey Jesus took from being arrested and carrying the cross, to his crucifixion. They then re-enacted the events of Easter Sunday showing us how Jesus rose from the dead.

The crowds gather for the passover celebrations.
The crowds see Jesus.

Jesus arrives on a donkey.
They lay down their clothes, wave palm leaves and shout 'Hosanna'.

The last supper.
Jesus washes the feet of his disciples.

Jesus breaks the bread.
Jesus drinks the wine.

Jesus and the disciples in the Garden.
Jesus is betrayed by Judas.

The arrest of Jesus.
Jesus is made to carry the cross.

Simon carries the cross for Jesus.
Jesus is nailed to the cross.

Jesus is placed in the tomb.
Jesus risen from the dead.