Event - Infant Nativity

11 December 2014

We were very lucky that our Reception and Key Stage 1 children performed the Nativity story in the form of 'Stargazers'.

A brief overview of the story told by the children:

Three wise men (Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar) had spent many years watching the night skies, waiting for the stars to reveal a sign of great things to come. As time went by they had grown impatient, as well as old and grey! However, one night a brand new star appeared, and they began an eventful journey which ends with the realisation that some things in life are definitely worth waiting for! A gift from Heaven – Baby Jesus.

All of the children put on a fantastic performance of singing and acting.

Thank You to all parents for their support in the performances and with supplying costumes. The children looked great!