Read Write Inc Model School

At St. Mark’s school, we begin teaching reading with a focus on phonics and we use Ruth Miskin’s Read Write Inc (RWI) programme.

The foundations are laid in Reception where the focus is, first of all, on developing careful and accurate listening, and having fun with sounds, words and sentences. The children learn good reading behaviour by imitating our teachers’ excellent modelling. Our children are encouraged to ‘read’ words and captions around our text rich learning environment and to compose their own. As a result, our young children soon learn to share our love for reading.

Read more about the Read Write Inc programme (external link).

Our phonics screening check results have been consistently above the national average. Once children have completed the phonics programme in Year 2, they begin ‘Every Child a Writer’ to prepare them for their Literacy lessons in Key Stage 2.

RWI Books.
Working on RWI programme.

Reception blending.
Ditty group.


During the Early Years and Key Stage 1, children not only take a RWI phonics book home to practise, they are also given reading books weekly to continue their reading development at home with their families. Most of these books are Oxford Reading Tree books, and children are assessed half-termly to ensure they are on the correct reading band.

In Key Stage 2, children are given the opportunity to change their own books within their reading band and once they get to a certain reading age they become a ‘free reader’ meaning they can choose any book from the school library.

Also see our reading presentations made to parents in October 2019:


During the Summer of 2019, we will be having a new marvellous and engaging school library installed. The children will have chance to spend time enjoying this new facility; they can choose to take out a new book of their choice and can return or change them when they have finished reading.

As well as all these exciting reading opportunities we provide, we deliver a broad and exciting curriculum, covering all aspects of writing so that our children become equipped with all the tools needed to become fluent and capable writers.


From the early years, children are encouraged to hold a pencil and record their ideas.

Class books are given from an early age to promote pride and high expectations in writing. Handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar are all taught within literacy lessons, which build up every week, leading to a best piece of ‘Get Writing’.

Writing is engaging and purposeful, it is often linked to the class books, inspiring visits, or cross-curricular topics the children are interested in. As a result, writing at St. Mark’s promotes enthusiasm, enjoyment and ultimately the best quality work. The writing process regularly involves shared and modelled writing, planning, drafting, editing, assessing and improving.

This writing journey allows the children to ensure that they produce pieces which are cohesive, fit for purpose and appealing to the correct audience.